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Book Club  |  A Time to Wander by Chera Thompson

Thursday, September 3, 2020, 6:30–8 pm


About the Author: Chera Thompson attended Kent State, and has a BS in Journalism from Ohio State University and an MS in Adult Education from State University New York at Buffalo. In addition to writing Chera has worked in travel and teaching. NL Johnson attended college and worked for Kent State and the Ohio State University. In the late ’60s and early ’70s using his thumb was his preferred mode of transportation, traveling over 15,00 miles, crossing the Midwest. Together they wrote this month’s Book Club at The Center’s selection, A Time to Wander. 

About the Book: A Time to Wander is a story about two college kids on two different roads, save for the one they share. An email exchange between former college lovers takes them back to their college years at Kent State, and the 1970s. A time when the Vietnam War was raging and antiwar rallies hit the breaking point. It was a time of bell bottoms, vinyl, incense, free love, and travel by thumb. This is a story about two strangers on two very different paths and the events that shape and seal the fate of their relationship in unpredictable ways revealed in the authors’ female/male alternating perspectives. Please join us for this trip back to a controversial time in America’s history.