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Special Event  |  Experimental Poet Peter Ramos with musicians Dave Wasik and Joe Rosler

Part of M&T Second Friday

Friday, October 10, 2014, 5:30–7:30 pm

Reception Area  

David Wasik "Waz" & Joe Rozler "Roz", “Roz and Waz” are improvising musicians who will create a new works to accompany Peter Ramos’ newest book of poems Television Snow

Praise for Television Snow

"Peter Ramos writes with the provocative and vernacular power of a Raymond Chandler-poet who takes the ephemera and spirit of Gen-X and creates a beautiful and poignant biography with pink flamingos on the yard, Led Zeppelin on the record player, and black eyeliner stinging your eyes. See if you can look away."

- Carmen Gimenez Smith, author of Milk and Filth

"Like a David Hockney painting, Peter Ramos' poems submerge us in the blue waters of nostalgia, where "young mothers/ in glinting makeup, jewelry and one-pieces" dissolve powdered Nestea poolside and stir our lust for the American Dream. And each time, as we break through the surface, we are met instead with "busted lawn chairs," the ontological sadness and sublimated desires of the suburbs, long in decline."

- Rosa Alcala, author of Undocumentaries

"Much like the Ramos poem "King Size," the world of TELEVISION SNOW is king-sized in its vivid landscape, taking its reader to auto-tire plants, Holiday Inns, in Thunderbirds, flatbeds, singing immigrant songs. Ramos conveys places live with images and soul, a language full of music, love, and loss, like songs from the depth of the heart."

- Kim Chinquee, author of Pretty

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    Special Event  |  M&T Second Friday

    Friday, October 10, 2014, 10 am–8 pm

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