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Performance  |  Copland and the Cold War

Presented by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 7 pm

Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium  

This melding of music, theater and history aims to explore the effect that the Red Scare and communism had on Copland’s music and point of view in the 1950s. Presented by the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra in partnership with the Burchfield Penney Art Center.

Free admission.

Matthew Marco, pianist
TBA, violin
Janz Castelo, viola
TBA, cello
Victoria Perez, director
Stan Klimecko, Aaron Copland
Suzanne Fatta, choral director
Singers: Colleen Marcello, Jacqueline Quirk, Leah Schneider Weitig, John Clayton, Valerian Ruminski
Joseph Horowitz, host/producer

Copland: The Cat and the Mouse (1920)
Copland: Piano Variations (1930)
Copland: The City – excerpts from the 1939 film, with “restored” soundtrack by PostClassical Ensemble, Angel Gil-Ordonez conducting (Naxos)
Copland: “Into the Streets May First” (1934): audience sing-along
Selections from Copland’s testimony before Senator Joseph McCarthy’s subcommittee
Copland: Piano Quartet (1950)
Adagio serio
Allegro giusto
Non troppo lento
Post-concert discussion

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