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Kateri Ewing, Waiting for Spring, 2018, 11 x 14 inches, watercolour on paper, In the Ruskin Collection, Museum Sheffield, England

Kateri Ewing, Waiting for Spring, 2018, 11 x 14 inches, watercolour on paper, In the Ruskin Collection, Museum Sheffield, England

Class / Workshop  |  The Poetic Bird-THIS WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CANCELED

International Center for Watercolor

Sunday, October 25, 2020, 1–4 pm

This workshop has been canceled

Artist/Instructor: Kateri Ewing
$36 members/ $46 not-yet members
*Class size is limited

Join artist Kateri Ewing as we explore the art of painting a tiny songbird in watercolour. What are the qualities that give our birds presence? What gives our composition poetry? What makes the tiny bird come to life and almost spring into flight?
*This class is for watercolourists with some experience, not for the absolute beginner.

My personal work isn't so much about creating art or making a statement as it is an avenue to convey how thoroughly in awe I am of the natural world around me. I express that awe in richly detailed drawings and paintings of songbirds and treasures of the plant kingdom. Self-taught and committed to my continuing development as an artist, my technique evolves as I imagine ways to share the beauty and uniqueness of my landscapes, birds and botanical subjects. 

I have lived in Western New York for more than half my life, and count Europe, the Midwest, the Desert Southwest and Texas as previous homes. In preparation for drawing and painting, I regularly walk, sketch and photograph the woods, meadows and waterways near my home. I live with my sweetheart, writer and teacher Rick Ohler, at Three Cat Farm where we happily work side by side on all of our creative endeavours. I teach at my studio on the historic Roycroft Campus, as well as on Patreon, and for NBC/Universal's, The Great Courses and at workshops near and far. I am also a Companion of the Guild of St. George, John Ruskin's guild that he created in 1871.

Visit me online on YouTube Channel (Search for Kateri Ewing), and at my virtual classroom on Patreon:

Supply list: 

Line drawing of a life-sized song
Bird of your choice. Drawn in your sketchbook, not on watercolour paper. Kateri will be painting a chickadee or a bluebird. Please bring your printed reference image as well.
A good selection of transparent watercolour paints
Rround watercolour brushes in smaller sizes, like 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8. You don’t need all sizes, but definitely a smaller brush for details and a size 6 or 8 for washes
Good quality cotton watercolour paper. Size 9x12 blocks are
Perfect. Arches, Fluid 100 and Stonehenge Aqua are all wonderful. You can use cold or hot
Press. Whatever you like best. Kateri uses hot press paper most often. Don’t skimp on paper. It can make or break your efforts.
Tracing paper
Number 2 pencil and a kneaded eraser
Cloth or towel to dry your
Brushes, water container, etc.
A tiny bit of table salt

Download the registration form.

For further information go to the International Center For Watercolor or contact Kathy G. Shiroki at, 716.878.3549.