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Screening  |  For the Late and Adventurous only: Sonic and Video Performances

Saturday, November 9, 2013, 10–11:59 pm

Front Yard   Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium  

Works by Sarah Paul, Patrick Cain and Jax Deluca, The Electric Eclectic Orchestra, Deborah and Jason Bernagozzi, The Reactionary Ensemble.

Come sit in our auditorium and witness a feast of sound and images through the night. Or for the more adventurous sit in out Front Yard and watch and hear what is in the auditorium.

10:00pm Sarah Paul

11:00pm Time/Shift by Patrick Cain & Jax Deluca

12:00 pm The Electric Eclectic Orchestra
Transmission by Tom Kostusiak performed by Jeff Proctor, Don Metz, Ed Hallborg, Dyllan Wiloch

1:00 pm Deborah and Jason Bernagozzi

2:00 am Reactionary Ensemble Brian Milbrand and Trystan Trump