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Performance  |  Leanne Darling’s Tribute to M. Henry Jones

Friday, November 10, 2017, 5:30–7:30 pm

Violist/Composer Leanne Darling pays tribute to artist M. Henry Jones to create an evening of multilayered music and punk arrangements. As a tribute to Jones, Darling will begin the evening with her solo viola and loop set, bringing all her multicultural influences from her 15 years of performing in New York as a free-lance musician in the classical, rock, jazz and world genres. While in New York, Ms. Darling collaborated with leading world musicians like Simon Shaheen in the Near East Ensemble, performed with award winning poet Robert Bly at the Omega Institute, appeared with the Cedar Lake Ballet and won the 2007 New York Innovative Theater Award for best original music. She released a solo CD Spiral in 2007 containing all original looping compositions. The music is a culmination of her classical foundation and her study of jazz and Arabic music on the viola. Leanne uses a Boomerang ‘phrase sampler’ digital looper, recording small phrases that ‘loop’ (play continuously) and become the rhythm/harmony of her compositions.

In the second set she will be joined by Jonathan Golove, professor of music at SUNY Buffalo and master of electric and theremin cello, and Evan Courtin, rock violinist of local bands Little Cake and new music ensemble Wooden Cities to perform electric string trio arrangements of such pioneer punk bands as the Fleshtones, The New York Dolls, Blondie, as well as artists who were influenced by that movement in the east village of New York City, where Henry Jones first made a name for himself and where he still resides today.

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