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Special Event  |  POSTPONED: Reading and Book Launch: At Home Anywhere by Rachael Lynn

Sunday, December 15, 2019, 1:30 pm

Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium  

This event has been postponed.


This isn't just a book launch or reading - this is a celebration of how we continue to move forward and strive to be our best selves, even when it's hard.

This is at the core of Rachael's work - connecting with ourselves so we have a foundation for creating amazing connections with each other and in the world.

Join us on a wonderful Sunday afternoon for:

An introduction from Rachael on her journey from Buffalo to Dubai and writing her book
Conversation on how we can all create a foundation within ourselves that will carry us through life
A Reading from the Author

The event is free with Gallery Admission, and copies of At Home Anywhere will be available for purchase.

Find out more about Rachael at:


The book for women who feel isolated, miss their families, + want to enjoy every moment of life away from ‘home.' Part memoir, part love letter full of advice, this is the book I wish I had when I left home for Dubai in 2018.

Ever since I was young I felt an incredible pull to travel and explore the world. There was a glamour and a mind-opening excitement there for me. For many years, the closest I got to travel was all the times my mom and I would move to a new apartment. Finally, with a dream and very little money, I made my way to New York City from my home in Western New York. Shortly after that, when the stress of working so much to afford NYC became enough, I moved to Toronto, Canada (not cheaper, but closer to home). Those moves were created by an intense urge to reject the daily routines of my life, escape my mistakes, and a desire to find some kind of contentment.

Once I found that contentment through a lot of personal development work, coaching, and time alone, life threw in another surprise. I realized I was in love with and wanted to be with a college friend - who happened to live in Dubai.

4 months after that realization, we were engaged, and 3 months after that we got married and I hopped on a plane to the desert. It wasn’t the plan I had, but it felt right. I figured this move would be just like the other ones, only a little bit further away.

But about two and a half months into the move, a depression set in I hadn’t felt in years…

I was a woman who worked a job since she was 15, who found identity in productivity even when I didn’t love the work. I had no idea how to be the kind of wife I always imagined. I had no friends around me, and no real support system or blueprint for how I was supposed to make sense of living away from everything familiar. I knew people did it all the time but I needed to know:

How could I feel like myself again? Why could I do it before without even thinking? Was I going to totally mess this up?

Luckily, I remembered that I had carried myself out of feeling this way before. All that personal development work could now be put to a new test. And, using everything I knew and learned, I found answers. Not ALL the answers, but all the next right steps I needed to take.

That’s how my book - At Home Anywhere was written in under 3 months. That’s how Women Connect Abroad, a local friendship creating event in Dubai was created.

Sometimes the most uncomfortable situations create massive opportunities for us to be more of who we’ve always wanted to be.

This event is free with gallery admission.

Books are available in the Museum Store.