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    Dedicated to the diversity of Western New York art

    The museum's aggressive exhibition schedule includes artists of different media, periods, notoriety, and career development. As it is essential to the role of every museum, particularly one with a regional focus like ours, the Burchfield Penney produces publications of varying sizes and formats to build on the historic record of Western New York. Within this context, some of the pillars of Western New York art are:

    Charles E. Burchfield
    • Exhibitions that focus on the career and thematic developments of the artist
    • In context with other artists or themes
    Art in Craft Media
    • Craft Art Biennial
    • Historic Craft
    • Established Craft Artists
    Contemporary Artists
    • Emerging Western New York Artists
    • Established artists with international recognition
    • Established artists with primarily regional recognition
    Historic Artists
    • Past Western New York artists including Edwin Dickinson, Philip C. Elliott, Virginia Cuthbert and Martha Visser’t Hooft
    • Charles Cary Rumsey Legacy
    • Associated with telling the story of Western New York art history either as individuals, such as Lars Gustav Sellstedt, or as part of historic art movements, for example, Photo-Pictorialism
    WNY Affiliated Arts Organizations