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Stay Gold: Extended Installations

On View Friday, January 10–Sunday, February 2, 2020

During a special M&T Second Friday at the Center, guests reveled in a dynamic, diverse and unexpected range of art, performances and music from local creators. Every corner of the Center was filled with inspiration at the eclectic fourth installment of Stay Gold, a community art party celebrating Western New York art. Due to the popularity of this year's installations, the following selected works will remain on extended view, continuing the Burchfield Penney's celebration of emerging and established Buffalo artists. 

Jodi Lynn Maracle, A Song to the Water From a Loving Child, USEUM, on view until January 19th

Carlos Llobet Montealegre, The “Old” New Normal series, Second Floor Hallway, on view until February 2nd

Stitch Buffalo, Peace 2020, Reception Area, on view until February 2nd 

Dana Saylor, All My Census, Front Staircase, on extended view 

 Iris Kirkwood, Magical Thinking series, Grand Staircase, on extended view