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The Inanimate: 12 Artists on Still Life

On View Saturday, February 7–Sunday, April 19, 1998

The Inanimate: 12 Artist in Still Life featured the work of Western New York Artist that presented their different interpretation  about still life art, the depiction of objects in art. Still Life is a subject that has a long tradition in the history of art. the tradition include approaches which range from very realistic depiction known as trompe l'oeil or "fool the eye." to varying levels of abstarction. Contemporary artists continue to explore this subject, some recalling past styles and some utilizing new technologies.

 The Inanimate: 12 Artist in Still Life was part of a series of exhibitions featuring emerging and under-represented artists from the Western New York region supported by Wilson Greatbatch Ltd. . For this exhibition, the theme of still life was explored through works by Joseph Bergel, Mia Brownell, Stephen Caruana, Jennifer Formica, Donald Haug, Ruth Heintz, Cheryl Jackson, Lin Xia Jiang, Sara Kellner, Burke Paterson, Norine Spurling, and Patty Wallace.