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Nancy Dwyer b. 1954, Prey, 1994

Nancy Dwyer b. 1954, Prey, 1994

Nancy Dwyer, Say What?

On View Saturday, November 2, 1996–Monday, June 2, 1997

Rockwell Hall   

Nancy Dwyer's work addresses contemporary issues through the use of puns and irony, and this site-specific installation of morphed word-pairs – titled “Tracks” – led visitors down the corridor leading to the museum space. Other works in the exhibition included Virtual Broadside – a series of computer-produced prints shown for the first time in the United States; Respect, with lyrics from the song written by Otis Redding Jr. and made famous by Aretha Franklin; and Shadow of a Doubt, a light-projection piece originally shown in the Netherlands. Dwyer's works reflect her concern with communication – and miscommunication – within multi-cultural communities. The exhibition was supported, in part, with funds from the New York State Council on the Arts.