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A series of connected environments

The Burchfield Penney Art Center features 16 galleries and display areas in 19,000 square feet of space, each one with its own unique purpose and feel.

  • Anthony J. Sisti Gallery
    Anthony J. Sisti Gallery

    The Anthony J. Sisti Gallery was named in thanks for a significant donation of work by Charles E. Burchfield, which Mr. Sisti kindly donated to the museum.

  • Charles Cary Rumsey Gallery
    Charles Cary Rumsey Gallery

    The Charles Cary Rumsey Gallery is named for sculptor Charles Cary Rumsey (1879-1922). This gallery features sculpture and three-dimensional works of art, thanks to the support of the Charles Cary Rumsey Endowment.

  • Charles E. Burchfield Rotunda
    Charles E. Burchfield Rotunda

    Charles E. Burchfield wrote in his journals: "A note to Posterity—What I want is a circular museum, large enough to house these four season transitions..." (December 10, 1964).  

  • Charles E. Burchfield's Gardenville Studio
    Charles E. Burchfield's Gardenville Studio

    A permanent evocation of Charles E. Burchfield’s Gardenville Studio was designed in 1998 to capture how it looked during the artist’s last years.

  • Collection Study Gallery
    Collection Study Gallery

    The Collection Study Gallery provides context, insight and depth to the exhibitions on view in the galleries and the permanent collection of the Burchfield Penney. 

  • Corridor Gallery
    Corridor Gallery

    Supported by the generosity of Robert and Mary Ann Budin, the Corridor Gallery features exhibitions of works by Western New York artists.

  • Display Cases
    Display Cases

    Supported by Annette Cravens and Cindy Abbott Letro and Francis Letro, the Display Cases present three-dimensional works by Western New York artists or work from Western New York collections.

  • East Gallery
    East Gallery

    The expansive two-story East Gallery is the museum's largest exhibition space.

  • Entrance Gallery
    Entrance Gallery

    The Entrance Gallery is a flexible gallery which both introduces and provides context to the East Gallery exhibition. Occasionally, it is used to host an individual exhibition. 

  • Front Yard
    Front Yard

    Elmwood Avenue at Rockwell Road is no longer just another street corner. It’s the Front Yard at the Center—the world’s first permanent, environmentally-responsive, 24/7/365, outdoor audio and image experience.

  • John R. Oishei Foundation Gallery
    John R. Oishei Foundation Gallery

    The John R. Oishei Foundation Gallery is dedicated to the work of Charles E. Burchfield. The John R. Oishei Foundation generously supported the capital campaign to build the new Burchfield Penney, and this important gallery space was named in the Foundation's honor. 

  • Margaret L. Wendt Gallery
    Margaret L. Wendt Gallery

    The Margaret L. Wendt Gallery presents historic works by Western New York artists. It is named in gratitude for the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation and its support of the campaign to build the new Burchfield Penney.

  • R. William Doolittle Gallery
    R. William Doolittle Gallery

    Named for R. William Doolitte, the Doolittle Gallery features photography (a love of Mr. Doolittle, who passed away in 2004) and historic works.

  • Sylvia L. Rosen Gallery for Fine Art in Craft Media
    Sylvia L. Rosen Gallery for Fine Art in Craft Media

    Supported by the Sylvia L. Rosen Endowment for Fine Art in Craft Media, the Rosen Gallery presents work by artists skilled in craft media (including wood, metal, fiber, clay and glass).

  • The Grand Foyer
  • The Project Space
    The Project Space

    A unique gallery in the Burchfield Penney, the Project Space is a state-of-the-art installation gallery for three-dimensional installations and multi-media exhibitions. 

  • West End Gallery
    West End Gallery

    What was previously just the hallway leading to the Burchfield Penney Art Center Archives has now been re-imagined as a multi-use gallery space which will celebrate the Center’s archival holdings, community arts groups, and rarely seen works in the permanent collection.

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