Another Great Hyatt's All Things Creative Family Day at the Burchfield Penney!

Thursday, February 13, 2020

We continue to meet and make new friends with so many people coming for the first-time, many of whom became new members of the Center! Visitors were surprised and inspired to see the Center bustling with little ones having a great time. “It was our first time ever in the Burchfield Penney,” says Miriam Wilson. “Our daughter, Laila, loved every bit of Family Day, but honestly we ALL enjoyed. Laila had a great time in the box exhibit, played and laughed so much. Looking forward to the next one.”

Noah Falck raved about the event. “We liked the variety of stations and projects, particularly the suncatcher workshop led by artists Carlie Todaro-Rickus and Amy Hartman,” says Noah. “My daughter was also drawn to the ‘make your own Valentine’. Drawing on the floor of the galleries amongst the amazing Burchfield collection was priceless.  Many thanks, what a success.”

Lillian Pawolski loved how all the activities had a bit of structure but allowed kids to use their own hands-on imagination and creativity.  “A lot of museums say they do ‘kid-friendly’ events, then you spend most of the time trying not to break, spill, touch and let your kid be a kid. Not the Burchfield. Family Day is truly that. Kudos," said Lillian. “I also appreciated the all hands on deck, full-staff affair…a big lift on the Burchfield's to ask staff to give up their Saturday, but from the other side, it shows incredible commitment to the arts and a passion for the first exposure some of these kids are getting with their own artistic expression.”

Thanks to our event sponsor Hyatt's All Things Creative for supporting Family Days at the Burchfield Penney! The next event will be announced soon!