“By the end of class we were creative problem solvers” by Judy LeFevre

Thursday, March 14, 2013

We started our class with introductions all around and found our watercolor experience to be quite varied. By the end of class we were partners and creative problem solvers. A challenging project was soon underway and when finished we were recognized for putting our unique stamp on each individual piece.

Rita started our class by introducing us to mixing colors. This was a challenge for some, me included. This may be basic but it gave many of us the freedom to play and push ourselves into unfamiliar territory. We moved on and added a section of a Charles Burchfield watercolor poster to our papers. Our task was to fill the paper around the section and attempt to match the lovely colors Burchfield created while immersed in the natural environment. My 11” x 15” paper appeared very naked.

Rita guided us, critiqued and cheered us along the way. As one of my former professors would say; “a mistake can be a happy accident”. The approach was slow but sure and soon all of us had our heads down in deep concentration. I didn’t feel we were copying the work of Burchfield but re-creating it in own way. Perhaps he was also guiding us.

I wonder how many people left our class and rushed home to finish our project or start a new one. The next morning I was at my kitchen table, coffee and brush ready. That in itself is a measure of a successful class.

Have you taken a class that opened up a new passion for watercolor?

- Judy LeFevre


Judy LeFevre is a Landmark docent at the Burchfield Penney and attended Watercolor workshops #101 and Watercolor #102. She is a graduate of Buffalo State College Art Education program and currently works as a clinical nurse specialist at the VNA of WNY.