Mary Beth Parrinello Explores Rumsey's Connection to St. John Grace

Monday, April 7, 2014

As often as I pass St. John Grace Episcopal Church on Colonial Circle, I think I should find out more about the C.C.R. connection, Dr. Walter Lord, his brother-in-law. I have mentioned him in other entry's. He presided over Pad's funeral, and that he and his wife, Evelyn Rumsey Lord lived on Ashland Avenue at the time.

Dr. Walter Russell Lord was the rector at the Church from 1907 - 1944 when it was just "St. John's". It merged with Grace Episcopal in 1972.

Several times a year I am inside the Church for concerts, Good Friday and Memorial Day Services, and the occasional memorial service or wedding. I have wondered if C.C.R. and Mary were ever in there and if I am sitting in the same pew they did. So much for that fantasy.... The current gothic structure was built in 1927. The original Church building that was constructed in 1893 is now the parish hall. Well, to support my friends that are members of the Church I attend 2 annual fundraisers that are held in that building. So may be I am walking where they may have afterall!


When not time traveling, working out, or hanging out at the Burchfield Penney, Mary Beth Parrinello is the religion teacher in the Montessori program at Nardin Academy in Buffalo, N.Y. She also volunteers her time at Westminster Presbytarian Church, C.G. Jung Center, and Junior League of Buffalo, which was founded by Mary Harriman Rumsey, Charles Cary Rumsey's wife!