Finding Charles Cary Rumsey

Saturday, May 3, 2014

As I stated in my very first installment of the blog, I became fascinated with Charles Cary Rumsey when gazing at a photo of him. It was taken in 1921 by noted Buffalo photographer, Howard Beach. But WHERE did it come from? I could not find in in any of the photo files at History Museum Library (then Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society) or the ScrapBooks at Central Library. Being the Jungian that I am, syncronicity played a role in the end of my quest.

One summer afternoon in 2007, I stopped by the Gift Shop while at the Burchfield Penney. It was still in Rockwell Hall, and getting ready to move. I checked out the very low priced books, and found Charles Cary Rumsey 1879- 1922. This was the catalog from an exhibit in the early 1980's. THE PICTURE was in it! I had not planned on shopping and didn't think I had enough money, but ended up having the EXACT amount! Thanks to Amy Reville, the head of the shop at the time, for offering to keep it for me.


When not time traveling, working out, or hanging out at the Burchfield Penney, Mary Beth Parrinello is the religion teacher in the Montessori program at Nardin Academy in Buffalo, N.Y. She also volunteers her time at Westminster Presbytarian Church, C.G. Jung Center, and Junior League of Buffalo, which was founded by Mary Harriman Rumsey, Charles Cary Rumsey's wife!