Looking for Charles Cary Rumsey in the Burchfield Penney Archives

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Last month I found another place I could happily be stranded (besides the gym, History Museum Library, and Special Collections room at Central Library!). That place is :THE BURCHFIELD PENNEY ARCHIVES.

Many thanks to Heather Gring, guardian of the Archives for letting me go through the many boxes of Rumsey artifacts. You will be hearing more about those in the coming blogs.

If you would like a visit for yourself, you may contact Tullis Johnson at the BPAC for an appointment. It would be for a weekday 10am - 5pm.

See what time traveling you may be able to accomplish.


When not time traveling, working out, or hanging out at the Burchfield Penney, Mary Beth Parrinello is the religion teacher in the Montessori program at Nardin Academy in Buffalo, N.Y. She also volunteers her time at Westminster Presbytarian Church, C.G. Jung Center, and Junior League of Buffalo, which was founded by Mary Harriman Rumsey, Charles Cary Rumsey's wife!