Bruce Jackson (b. 1936), Tank, Chihuahuan Desert Near Candelaria, Texas, 2011; color photograph, 24 x 35 inches; Courtesy of the Artist

The Desert: Bruce Jackson by Tony Bannon

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The horizontals of this place replace the verticals of the city; its arid quiet empties the sounds of downtown.  Jackson visits the Chihuahuan Texas deserts to locate an alternative in nature to the human enterprises that otherwise occupy him. Echoing the Rio Grande, it is miles away from the East Texas prisons that Jackson explores. These desert retreats are contemplative projects that dig down to find the wellspring outside of social interference.  This is Jackson’s balancing act in search of harmonies.  It is existential. And beautiful. It is harsh. And tranquil. Men and women for centuries have travelled into the desert in hopes of finding the wisdom suggested by its silence. 

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Anthony Bannon
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