Kateri Ewing, Sinking Ponds Variation, 2015, 7.5 x 7.5 inches, watercolor on paper

Kateri Ewing, Sinking Ponds Variation, 2015, 7.5 x 7.5 inches, watercolor on paper

Tinted Transitioning Color Tones

Monday, May 14, 2018

 “Watercolour can become like a new language that you can use to express your creativity across my subjects and styles.” Kateri Ewing

Sinking Ponds Wildlife Sanctuary is a preserve dedicated to the conservation of nature located in East Aurora, New York, where the artist Kateri Ewing lives.  She embraces her backyard community of natural beauty and grace with her delicate watercolour painting.  Ewing has a diverse background starting with a childhood vivid memory of coloring with a new box of crayons.  Kateri is a writer, instructor, and painter who captures nature.  She has admired and painted birds, landscapes, and waterscapes with her media of watercolour.

Sinking Ponds Variation is one of nine artworks that capture distinct depths, quite color tones, and a mysterious sense of the time.  Ewing releases the natural light in her paintings as a meaningful subject of her landscapes.  

What intrigued me first with Kateri Ewing watercolours was the title and the tinted transitioning color tones.  The emotion Ewing captures in her work is personal yet universal.  I can feel her passion of place and in turn I begin to have a sense of ease with myself while viewing her paintings.

Ewing wrote about her teaching.  “So many people say they can’t draw something, but I really believe it’s a skill they can do and learn, I’m really proud of the class. It’s getting people to learn how to see the world differently, to learn how to see something like the curve of a glass and how to draw what is around us. My whole goal is to get people doing some creative activity. I really believe that people can’t help but be happy when they are working on a painting. The canvas is a great place to work out demons.” June 29, 2016.


Ewing’s optimistic mindset allows for her creations to be honest with an openness for her materials and artistic process.  Kateri Ewing’s watercolour demonstration on her website captures her playfulness of the medium, her studio’s array of paint brushes, and works that are unspeakable without titles.  

Inspired by the watercolour Sinking Ponds Variation, the watercolour enchanted my imagination and awakened my spirit to view nature the way she founds it; peaceful, natural, and irreplaceable.

 —Ashley McKillip


Ashley McKillip is a graduate student at SUNY Buffalo State who recently read, Barking up the Wrong Tree by Eric Barker, for my Leadership in Business course.  The author admires ponds in relationship with business leadership.