Ron Ehmke: This Week in ALP (Artist Legacy Project)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Two new profiles, both of them more or less from scratch for folks who don’t have much internet presence:

Victor Shanchuk

Gene Witkowski


Aunt Sally has been eyeing a riding mower, a purchase which we are all attempting to discourage. She says she likes the color and the “vrooms” it makes, even though it is the very antithesis of the topiary which has been so life-changing for her. Of course, she points out that we were all opposed to that, too, when she first got into it, much like Americans’ early opinions of Medicare, seat belts, and the World Trade Center. Little Suzy has been particularly upset by all of this, and has been taking it out on Big Suzy, from whom we have heard next to nothing for years. Looks like B.S. is in town now, though no one knows why or for how long. Stay tuned!