Ron Ehmke: This Week in ALP (Artist Legacy Project)

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I think I am forgetting something I wrote early in the week, but I know that I helped Dietrich (or Olivier or Ulysses or whatever he calls himself) work on his bio for the barge project and then realized I should post it in the database, too. It is here:

I can see the writing on the wall, and that I should do the same for the other barge-rs sometime soon.

Most exciting news is that I finally finished my big (self-created) project on the pair of lesbian artists I hopefully helped to rescue from anonymity:

This allowed me to tweak, write, or flesh out a couple of other important profiles of figures from the past: (That one is still pretty skimpy, so maybe one day during some downtime I will do more with it.)


As for Aunt Sally, she and Little Suzy plan to celebrate the 4th by making an apple pie in the shape of Martha Washington’s head, and then play baseball, or at least catch, with the leftover apples. Then it’s off to the fireworks, a vintage bottle of Boone’s Farm tucked into their picnic basket. Sounds like fun.