Ron Ehmke: This Week in ALP (Artist Legacy Project)

Friday, July 18, 2014

This Week in ALP has been busy again, beginning with a few days catching up on some Front Yard artists of bygone days:

David Gracon
Julie Perini
Marc Moscato
John Carocci
Stephanie Rothenberg
Carl Lee

There are still many more names on this Front Yard list who will be profiled in the fullness of the time, but on Thursday a new!!!! priority!!!! arrived: to biographize artists involved with the Barge Project. Just got a wee start with this one so far:

Kate Parzych

There are 24 names on the Barge list (some of whom have already been kissed by the velvet brush of ALP) so that’s going to take a while. And I’ve been enjoying Caitlin Cass’s work entirely too much to finish her entry just yet. Watch for more on her next week.


On other fronts, Aunt Sally and Little Suzy are packing for a weekend camping trip to Lake Hogweed, so named for its preponderance of large, dangerous invasive species and other inhospitable conditions. On the bright side, it costs next to nothing to stay there for a couple of nights, and it’s a great spot to visit if you have come to hate humanity and don’t really want to see any other human beings at all. I’ve encouraged them both to bring along plenty of calamine lotion and other medicinal skincare products, but you know how those two can be when they’re in pretrip mode. If it’s not a cheap paperback or a brick of cheese, they want nothing to do with it. All I can do is what I’ve already done, and perhaps I am overly cautious after all. Time will tell. Let’s just hope they have a restful respite out there in the woods.