This Week in the Artist Legacy Project

Friday, August 29, 2014

This Week in ALP refuses to believe that summer is over just because Labor Day is here and the students have returned like swallows to Capistrano. The season, as everyone knows, proceeds through the end of September, and is typically followed by a warmish fall. That established, let us review this week’s work:

 *I shared Bo Sullivan’s bio of Edward B. Sides, whose work will be featured in 2015: )

*Here’s one for Judith Olson Gregory, who has a show coming up soon.

And then there were the following Barge-rs:

*Paul Sargent    

*Gary Sczerbaniewicz   

*Katherine Sehr  (reboot of existing profile)

Speaking of Labor Day, Aunt Sally prefers to spend it sound asleep. She needs her rest, as we are all well aware by now, and since she has no visible means of income these days, who is to stop her? Certainly not Little Suzy, who plans to go waterskiing with her city friends. She is determined to soak up the sun and embrace the mugginess that the weatherman has predicted. Nothing will stop her from her goal of having fun fun fun, least of all the need to make sure that Aunt Sally gets three square meals. Let someone else take care of that! Let us give her our support in her quest, I say. Like all of us, she could use a little break every now and again.


Ron Ehmke
Archives Assistant
Burchfield Penney Art Center