Fashion Blogger Meijia. S Wearing a Watercolor Inspired blouse

Fashion Blogger Meijia. S Wearing a Watercolor Inspired blouse

Fashion Bloggers Love Watercolor

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All over the web many watercolor inspired blouses, dresses, and even heels are being worn amongst fashion innovators, people that set trends, every day. Trendsetters have a tendency to grasp new styles quicker than others and in some cases they create the trends themselves.

Pictorial blogs such as Chictopia and are comprised of stylish people who post their outfit’s to spread their creative combinations.  Surfing the blogs for eye catching watercolor prints worn by fashion visionaries are popular such as blogger Skinny Hipster and Meijia. S.   These bloggers have become vastly recognized in the fashion world gaining status amongst designers.

Seventeen year old fashion blogger, Tavi Gevinson, was invited to her first show at fashion week at the age of 14 because of the popularity of her blog The Style Rookie.  Her quirky style grabbed the attention during fashion week and was admired by fashion veterans. These are examples of how relevant bloggers can be in the fashion.

Kate Rodger is a fashion watercolor blogger.  She posts images of her fashion illustrations including earrings, elaborate gowns, and hand bags.  Her artwork is a collaboration of paper and watercolor enthused by her everyday life.

Fashion blogs are also a form of social media. Designers send pieces of their collection to these hip bloggers to post and promote their labels. Understanding how innovative and influential fashion bloggers are, watercolor designs are so prevalent they are being splashed all over the web and now on the streets.

Fashion and social media will not only impact fashion but it can impact art. If people see watercolor as the trend it will cultivate a passion for watercolor in itself.  In return the collaboration of watercolor and fashion forms not only a love for fashion but a love for art.

Are you motivated by any fashion bloggers who inspire watercolor?

Brittany Lingard


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Brittany Lingard is a fashion student who lives in Brooklyn and studies in Buffalo. She is trying to correlate a deeper connection with art and fashion. She has studied and researched different aspects of fashion from its environmental impact, influences, and origins. She has hopes of building her career in fashion forecasting and making the fashion world even more vibrant.