First Presbyterian Church, Buffalo Image from

First Presbyterian Church, Buffalo Image from

Charles Cary Rumsey's Religious Roots

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The relgious roots for the Rumsey tree are Presbyterian. Their first church when they moved to Buffalo was First Presbyterian. The church is on Symphony Circle across from Kleinhans Music Hall. It is a beautiful structure that was designed by famed architect, E.B. Green, so it has a fascintating history of its own!

The book detailing the Church's history is located in the Special Collections Room at Central Library and History Muesum library. This book shows that Aaron and Sophia transfered from Westfield Presbyterian, and then later joined Westminster Church.

I was delighted to find photgraphs of Charles Cary Rumsey's early Buffalo ancestors, Aaron and Bronson on the wall of First Presbyterian's history hall. There are two framed copies of who owned which church pew in the 1800s. Bronson had a pew close to the altar, indicitive of his wealth and status.

Many thanks to Bruce MacCausland and Maria for their tours! If you would like to see these pictures, you may call the church office at (716) 884-7250.


When not time traveling, working out, or hanging out at the Burchfield Penney, Mary Beth Parrinello is the religion teacher in the Montessori program at Nardin Academy in Buffalo, N.Y. She also volunteers her time at Westminster Presbytarian Church, C.G. Jung Center, and Junior League of Buffalo, which was founded by Mary Harriman Rumsey, Charles Cary Rumsey's wife!