Lady Gaga, Artpop Album Cover, Makeup designed by Jeff Koons

                                    Lady Gaga, Artpop Album Cover, Makeup designed by Jeff Koons

Watercolor Makeup: A Blended Effect on Traditional

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Watercolor artists blend paints to achieve their desired painting effect.  Why can’t makeup have blended lines too?  Blurring the lines of makeup and being able to add more colors to eyes and cheeks has been a growing trend, especially seen on the runway. 

Watercolor inspired makeup is bursting out into the makeup world.  Makeup comes in different colors, from nudes and neutrals to over the top hot pinks, purples and blues.   The makeup trend in the past has been sharp lines with eyeliner with one color on eyelids and blush on cheeks.

The model in the image has vivid blue eyes.  They are accented by the vibrant blues, purples, reds, yellows and greens around them.  The jovial makeup colors descending down her face like tears is a stunning juxtaposition of the feelings it creates.

This trend allows makeup wearers to blend all their favorite colors into one palette on their eyes.  Blending colors creates an infinite drama that can be altered with one color in a specific palette.  Depending on the occasion, outfit, or mood, there are many ways to create the dramatic effect of watercolor inspired makeup.

“One of the hottest makeup looks this summer is watercolor eyes. It's a style that employs a variety of colors to lend multi-hued drama to your peepers. It's also a great excuse to trot out a number of your favorite shades. To create the watercolor eyes look, pick a few sheer but colorful hues and brush them onto your eyes in a way that mimics the effect of watercolor paint. You can go pastel or primary to suit any mood, outfit or occasion. If you're feeling a bit avant garde, let the colors pour out of the eye area and onto the cheeks. This color-outside-the-lines technique has been particularly popular on the runways in recent months. In another bold move, you can also vary the colors you use on each lid to achieve a cheeky asymmetry.”  Blog written by ScarletMadeline, owner of Darla Makeup who owns the company with her mother.

—Hilary Collins


 Hilary Collins is a multidisciplinary graduate student focused on ceramics at Buffalo State College.  She loves bold colors like the ones shown on the model as her makeup and hopes to be able to incorporate colors like those into her artwork.