Saint of the Day from Mary Beth Parrinello

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A favorite faith tradition for me is seeing who the "saint of the day" is. This is for both Roman Catholic and Episcopal churches, and there is some cross-over.

While looking for this week, I found that Tuesday, November 8th's saint is Castorius. Never heard of him, so a quick look up revealed is the Patron Saint of SCULPTORS!!

 All I have found out about Pad's church activity is that he was married in the Episcopal church and had Rev. Cameron Davis  from Trinity Episcopal do his funeral at the Crematorium across from Forest Lawn. In reading about the family history, his father and grandparents were members of Westfield Presbyterian, then First Presbyterian of Buffalo. There are photos at First of his ancestors. A recent on line article said the family was Baptist during their New England years.

MaryBeth Parrinello is a volunteer at the Burchfield Penney, an educator, and lover of all things Chautauqua and Charles Cary Rumsey.