Marta Spendowska, Wetlands, 2014-2015, Watercolor on paper

Marta Spendowska, Wetlands, 2014-2015, Watercolor on paper


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

When considering watercolors it is common to picture landscapes, but imagine watercolor as a source for inspiration for paper goods, home decor, fashion, and textiles. That is exactly what artist Marta Spendowska did. She expanded the notion of what watercolor could become.

Marta Spendowska was born in a small town Jawor, located in Poland. Her father was a painter and this influenced her to draw at a young age. When Marta was still young, Poland was seen to be troubled, poor, and because of her surroundings, Marta didn’t see herself pursuing a career as an artist.

Marta graduated with a Masters degree in Journalism and Marketing from the University of Lodz in Poland. Though her studies, Marta applied for a five-month internship in the United States and soon after obtained a degree in Design while in the United States.

In 2010 she began her journey as an independent artist. Marta now houses her very own brand name: VERYMARTA. Her work is seen in paper goods, home decor, illustrations, fashion, and textiles. She has promoted her company and created a buzz with several interviews with; Oprah Magazine, Passion Shake, Artsy Forager, and The Jealous Curator.

Marta Spendowska’s work combines memory, color, rhythm, and pattern. She uses the experience from her homeland, Poland and juxtaposes her influences with uplifting, and optimistic view of America.

She claims her work is not conceptual, yet it is solely focused on the beauty of colors and shapes. Marta stated, “My hope is to move and inspire you by the pure allure of the color’s story, the shape of a foliage, the tilt of the majestic cliff, the mingle of the magnificent nature of watercolor”.

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—Shelby Broeker


Shelby Broeker is a second year graduate student at SUNY Buffalo State College. She is a full time art teacher at Nardin Academy High School in Buffalo, NY.  Along with  her busy day of teaching Shelby continues to be a practicing artist.