Ross Barbera, Watercolor Paper Pendant.  Courtesy of

Ross Barbera, Watercolor Paper Pendant.  Courtesy of

Ross Barbera’s Watercolor Pendants

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Unlike most watercolor works of art, Ross Barbera uses what is considered a light and liquid medium on hard, raw surfaces. Most of his jewelry pieces are made with vibrant colors and unique line patterns.

Ross Barbera is a graduate of Pratt Institute during the 1970’s and found himself fascinated with jewelry making. Although painting defined his life, he fell in love with working on small, three dimensional jewelry objects. When he is not painting, he is creating jewelry.

Like Charles Burchfield, Barbera explores his creativity through different areas of nature.  When he’s jewelry making, generates beautiful and light, but detail orientated botanicals on a hard surface like a pendant.

Ross Barbera’s paintings are very realistic in that rain drops on flowers look like they could fall right out of the painting. He uses natural sunlight and depicts how it reflects on nature. He explores the visual interaction that occurs between streams, ponds, and bodies of water within their surrounding environments.

-Molly McQuillen


Molly McQuillen is currently an art teacher at a Catholic School. She works with Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade students. She is also a part time Educational Technology teacher at the school as well. She insists on educating students on technology through the arts. It’s essential to her to have knowledge and attain skills in many art techniques.  She enjoys experimenting with various art materials as much as possible. She brings unique techniques in every art work she creates. She is expecting to receive her Masters in Educational Technology from Buffalo State in 2016.