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Charles E. Burchfield (1893-1967), Cattaraugus Canyon, 1933-57; watercolor and Conté crayon on joined paper, 39 ¾ x 53 ¾ inches, Image from the Burchfield Penney Archives

Charles E. Burchfield, Journals, April 12, 1933

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To Gowanda –

Lunch in a little maple grove near the canyon – yellow violets among the dead leaves – overhead tall budless maples gleaming with cold sunlight – spring beauties – the wonder of this miracle is reborn –

A cloud comes over the sun – the air is chilled at once – a foreboding comes over the grove – the hepaticas tremble gently a wind rises suddenly and sweeps thru  the tree-tops with a soft roar –  then with a rush comes back the sun from the cloud’s livid edge – the wind dies away – warmth pervades all space –

Oh beauty!  Why cannot such moments come oftener and last longer?

Charles Burchfield, April 12, 1933