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A Musical Feast in The Buffalo News

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A Musical Feast, Buffalo's adventurous concert series, is back in fine form, with an evening brimming with new music.

The centerpiece of the group's next concert is "Coleccion Nocturna," by Buffalo composer David Felder. Inspired by a poem by Pablo Neruda, the music is scored for clarinet and piano. Felder's special blend of electronics helps it evoke what concert organizers describe as "a musical atmosphere that evokes Neruda’s surreal dream-like poetic state in which thoughts can be expressed without fear." The performance features clarinetist Jean Kopperud and pianist Eric Huebner. Reading the poem will be the popular local actor Paul Todaro.

Also on the program is "Dmaathen," a rhythmically adventurous piece by Greek-French composer Iannis Xenakis. Solook collaborates with soprano Tiffany DuMouchelle on "The Lilies of the Field," by contemporary composer Stuart Saunders Smith. The music is inspired by Scripture: "The lilies of the field, like all things, God is in them, and God cares for them, and they do not worry for their next meal..." To close the concert, Huebner is playing eight short etudes by Gyorgi Ligeti.

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