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Weather Event receives Award of Commendation from Museumwise

Monday, March 5, 2012

Weather Event received a certificate of commendation from Museumwise, a non-profit organization that provides resources, training and, expertise to New York’s heritage organizations and museums.

Held at the Burchfield Penney Art Center (October 28, 2011–February 26, 2012), Weather Event was co-curated by Tullis Johnson, archives manager at the Burchfield Penney, and climatologist Stephen Vermette, professor of geography and planning.

The exhibition featured works by Charles E. Burchfield, whose representations of weather, wind, skies, and sounds provide unique historical records of the environment near Lake Erie. Weather Event presented dramatic and complex natural phenomena chronicled in more than 50 years of writings, drawings, and paintings. The curators were assisted by the Burchfield Penney staff, numerous volunteers, docents, interns, and students who contributed to the exhibition's extended programs, publications, and interpretive material.

In awarding the certificate of commendation, the reviewer noted, “This is a great way to interpret Burchfield's art and a new way to engage partners and audience. I love the connection between art and the artist's environment.”

Every year, Museumwise sponsors its Award of Merit program to recognize exceptional and innovative projects in the museum and history community. This year’s awards will be presented to winners at a special reception in Albany on April 22.

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