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Electronic Arts Alliance in The Buffalo News

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Burchfield Penney formalizes link to Alfred University by Colin Dabkowski, Buffalo News Arts Writer


The Electronic Arts Alliance, a new title for a longstanding relationship between the Burchfield Penney Art Center and Alfred University, was announced by the Elmwood Avenue institution last week.The formalized collaboration, one of a series of initiatives and relationships launched under the leadership of Burchfield Penney Director Anthony Bannon, will see both organizations working more closely on shared programming and promotion of their work with electronic media.

“Through this formal alliance,” according to a Burchfield Penney release, “the two institutions commit to shared performances, research, production and distribution of electronic arts to harness a standard of excellence in understanding the media arts worldwide.”

The first evidence of the renewed partnership will go on view Friday, when the Burchfield Penney opens three exhibitions by artists Ann Hamilton, Xu Bing and Song Dong, each of whom has worked with students at Alfred’s respected Institute for Electronic Arts.

“This alliance will uphold our commitment to an integration of ideas that leads to presentations of the highest quality,” Burchfield Penney curator Don Metz said in a release. “Electronic media has produced an ever-growing global format for sharing, and this partnership continues our stake in recognizing the significant work of Western New York artists working in the electronic medium.”

The relationship between Alfred University and the Burchfield Penney Art Center stretches back to at least 2002, when the institutions worked together to produce the exhibition “Signals from the Electronic Cloud.” Since then, the two institutions have collaborated on many projects and exhibitions, featuring artists such as Harald Bode, Tony Conrad, Andrew Deutsch, Michael Basinski and Institute for Electronic Arts co-director Peer Bode.