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Call for Work: Displacement: Barge Prototype

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Burchfield Penney Art Center and TECCORP today announced a call for entries for Displacement: Barge Prototype, Phase I of the Cultural Commodities project starting August 7, 2014. The multi-phase exhibition and public programming series will explore the connections amongst art, Erie Canal commerce, the growth of industry and development of culture along our waterways. Phase I includes a huge sculpture, in the form of a full-scale 100 x30 x 16 wooden barge, now taking shape in the Center’s East Gallery and distinct spaces throughout will house art, installations, projections and performances.

On ‘Load-In Thursdays’ bi-weekly from August 7 - October 2, 2014, up to 20 artists can bring in work at 6 pm to be considered for cargo in the Erie Canal – barge-themed exhibition. Pre-registration is required and reservations will be accepted on a first-come/first serve basis. For the Load-Ins, please call 878-6011 to schedule bringing in an artwork which will stay at The Center for a week in and around the barge prototype.

Alternating Thursdays are “Curation Thursday,” when Burchfield Penney curators and TECCORP team offer feedback during the selection process for works that will be installed in the barge’s Shuttle Gallery.

“As with many other aspects of this exhibition, which started off with open public discussions about a multi-phase project, the goal is to bring to life exhibition practices,” says D. Olivier Delrieu-Schulze. “Exploring methods and looking to invent new ways for public engagement."

“Curatorial procedures are usually hidden behind doors,” said Scott Propeack, Burchfield Penney associate director and curator. “We want to establish an open format for people to have a better understanding of how art enters into their everyday lives.”

Subsequent phases of the nomadic, collaborative Cultural Commodities project will include transporting the prototype to a barge for the 550-mile canal tour from Buffalo to New York City and back, and mooring it potentially at Silo City or Buffalo Harbor. “Negotiations are underway to obtain an actual barge for the canal and river voyage,” said Propeack.

Additionally, site-specific pop-up performances and art exhibitions will change depending on where the barge is docked.

For more information about Displacement please go to To learn more about TECCORP, .