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Comedy at The Center in Buffalo Rising

Monday, August 1, 2016

A gaggle of Buffalo comedians want us all to take a moment to consider comedy as an art form. Members of the troupe feel that the comedy genre has somehow been ostracized from other forms of art, including poetry, painting and sculpture. These latter art forms all manage to gain a certain amount of respect due to being lumped into a seemingly comprehensive category that is actually missing a genuinely witty and moving component.

For far too long, the art of comedy has been relegated to clubs and bars, for the most part. Now that Buffalo’s comedy scene is becoming a respectable art form, it’s time to take these comedians a bit more seriously. That’s why Allie Brady, Buffalo’s Funniest Finalist, is hosting a comedy spectacular in such an unexpected curatorial setting – the Burchfield Penney Art Center (BPAC).

“The BPAC consistently showcases local artists, so it just makes sense to do this here,” Brady explains, “We have some of Buffalo’s best comedians performing.”

Comedy at the Center will feature the hilarious antics of Cody Colin Chase, Dan Mahoney, Rick Matthews, Kevin Thomas Jr, and Clayton Williams. These comedians take their craft very seriously, and are happy to be showcasing their funny bone talents on Friday, August 12 at 7:30pm.

Dan Mahoney, veteran of the comedy stage and recent boomerang from the NYC scene explains, “It’s incredibly unique as the artist seeks their work to be validated by one and only one reaction… laughter. Being in an art museum should remind us of the intricate art of stand up… at least when it goes well. Have you ever seen someone at a gallery double-fisting beers, screaming, ‘You suck!”at a painting? I suppose that anything’s possible, especially when it comes to people whose emotions run high. We’re excited to see what sort of emotions we can get out of people at this mash-up event.”