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Janelle Lynch at the Burchfield Penney in Gusto

Thursday, December 12, 2013

In ‘Barcelona,’ photographer Janelle Lynch explores kinship with Charles Burchfield by Colin Dabkowski

Photographer Janelle Lynch first encountered the work of Charles Burchfield in 2006, discovering in the gifted Western New York watercolorist a kindred spirit whose interest in the rhythms and mysteries of nature resonated deeply with her own. Earlier this year, Lynch, a Jamestown native, participated in a residency at the Burchfield Penney Art Center (1300 Elmwood Ave.) in which she made photographs in some of the same places where Burchfield once painted.

The results of the residency won’t be on view for some time, but Lynch will appear at the Burchfield Penney at 6 p.m. Friday to sign copies of her new book, “Barcelona,” a compilation of photographs she produced while living in the Catalonian capital. The book ties Lynch’s lonely photographs of trees, rivers and windblown fields of brush to reminiscences about her family and brief reflections on her influences, among them Burchfield and Roland Barthes.

“We share commonalities in our visual language and mutual concerns,” Lynch wrote about her kinship with Burchfield. Those concerns, she continued, include “reverence for the natural world; appreciation for the communicative potential of light; an impulse to depict and animate an uninhabited landscape; and a solitary temperament.”

Lynch’s talk is part of the Burchfield Penney’s free M&T Second Fridays event, about which more info is available at or at 878-6011.