• Charles Burchfield, Journals, July 4, 1935

      Saturday, July 4, 2015

      There comes a point in fireworks where the sensations of sight and sound overlap, and affect one another. Our perception of the loveliness of bursting rockets, is different, when suddenly bombs start bursting in the midst of the cataracts of stars. I cannot explain how it seems to me. And amore

    • David Moog

      David Moog is a photographer based in Buffalo, N.Y.

    • Robert N. Blair

      Robert N. Blair (1912-2003) was a painter, sculptor, print maker, and teacher. He is best known for his rural life studies, desert landscapes, and World War II scenes.

    • Philip Burke

      Philip Burke has been capturing the imaginations of musical divas, film and sports enthusiasts, politicos and the general public through his paintings for over three decades. His uniquemore