Museum hours of operation have been adjusted to allow ample time to sanitize after hours. Museum hours are Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10AM - 4PM, with extended hours on Friday evenings until 7 PM, and Sundays from 12PM - 4 PM. The Burchfield Café is temporarily closed. A full list of protocols in place to protect visitors and staff can be found on the Safety First information page. 


At this time, the museum will not host group gatherings or in-person programming, but will continue to offer digital programming through Burchfield Connects, which includes digital home-education projects, conversations about our exhibitions and collections, artist interviews, and more. Look for new posts each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with activities for the whole family.



Null Point - Ghosts in the Machine

Please join us for our next Burchfield Connects: LIVE digital event. You'll be able to stream the event from wherever you are! This month we'll be featuring a performance by musical research group Null Point titled Ghosts in the Machine. The event will be streamed on the Burchfield Penney Art Center Facebook page and on Zoom. This program is supported by the Cullen Foundation.
FRIDAY, JULY 23, 2021, 7:00pm–8:30pm
Ghosts in the Machine
Null Point featuring Colin Tucker
Ghosts in the Machine is a new performance designed specifically for the possibilities of live internet streaming, and focused on the politics of this format. Building on insights of site-specific art, decolonial study, experimental music, and critical study of technology, the performance attempts to contest the cultural and political neutrality of corporate internet streaming, and reveal how this space is shaped powerfully by colonial and racial power. Rather than taking at face value hype surrounding the “newness” of networked technological forms, the project aims to put these forms into conversation with longer histories: cultural histories of the White, Bourgeois project of (musical) spectatorship, and socio-ecological histories of Conquest in the “New World.” Technology scholar Bruno Latour writes that “technology is society made durable;” in response, this performance excavates how ghosts of Conquistador Whiteness are baked into norms of online media practice. Through a focus on complex entanglements between technology and embodiment, and past and “present,” the performance approaches the internet in ways that are unprecedented within historical notions of internet art.
The audiovisual performance interweaves a variety of stylistic registers: found footage, instrumental music, montage, “silence,” field recording, and lecture. In conversation with 1960s experimental music, parts of the performance interpret scores by Ben Patterson, Nam June Paik, and Yoko Ono (Grapefruit), and a new event score by Colin Tucker. A Q&A with the artist will conclude the event.
You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Jul 23, 2021 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: Burchfield Connects: LIVE - Null Point
Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: 358345
Or One tap mobile :
US: +16465588656,,89166891325# or +13126266799,,89166891325#
Or Telephone:
Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
US: +1 646 558 8656 or +1 312 626 6799 or +1 301 715 8592 or +1 669 900 9128 or +1 253 215 8782 or +1 346 248 7799
Webinar ID: 891 6689 1325
International numbers available: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kg8EZWuPG
About Null Point:
Null Point is a musical research group founded in 2014 and based on Seneca/Haudenosaunee territories (so-called Buffalo, NY). Aiming to open lines of interchange between experimental music and contemporary art, the group utilizes musical techniques to investigate spatial politics, and engages politicized conceptual strategies to interrogate formal and institutional defaults of Western Art Music and its afterlives. Proceeding otherwise to Western Art Music’s division of labor between disinterested spectatorship, transparent notation, and compliant performance, Null Point investigates new approaches to concert presentation as well as event formats such as installation and workshop, as well as participatory and location-based music. Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, Null Point produced online events with similar critical attention to platform-centered internet’s normative procedures.
An artist-run organization, Null Point researches new approaches to composition/notation, performance, listening, facilitation, and curation, with members moving flexibly between these roles. In addition to performing compositions of its members, the group presents work by emerging artists as well as neglected radical experimental music scores of the 1960s and 70s. By design, Null Point presents events in a range of institutional settings: arts institutions (Artpark, Constellation Chicago, Fridman Gallery, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Squeaky Wheel, Visual Studies Workshop), community organizations (WASH Project, Old First Ward Community Association, Cincinnati Public Library), universities (Dartmouth College, DePauw University, Princeton University), and architectural repurposing projects (Silo City, echo Art Fair at Buffalo Gear and Axle Plant), with funding from Art Bridges Foundation, New Music USA, the arts councils of NY and Toronto, and numerous universities.

Featured Video

Featured Artwork

Check out the video links listed below, and stay in touch on Facebook and Instagram for the latest releases.

Programs at the Center


Contemporary Environmental Art & Poetics

40 Years of Poetry: Ansie Baird

Buffalo Chamber Players: Stay a While, Stay Forever

LIVE poetry reading featuring Meghann Boltz and Rachel Robles Saeger


Connecting With Artists

Artist Interview: Ron Ehmke 

Watch Ron Ehmke talk about being a performance artist. To learn more about him click here

Let's Check-In With Bethany Krull

The Burchfield Penney is reaching out to local artists to explore how they're balancing life working at home. For more information on Bethany Krull visit: http://bpac.co/a:531

Artist Interview: Patricia Carter

Watch Patricia Carter talk about her painting  First Prize #2. To learn more about the artist visit: http://bpac.co/a:171

Let's Check-In with A.J. Fries and Karen Eckert 

Need a laugh? A.J. Fries and Karen Eckert chime in. For more information on A.J. Fries visit: http://bpac.co/a:320.

Artist Interview: Alberto Rey

Watch Alberto Rey Talk About His Painting, Appropriated Memories: Viñales, Cuba, 1996-97. For more info on the artist visit: http://bpac.co/a:868

Artist Interview: John Pfahl

Watch John Pfahl talk about his work Shed with Blue Dotted Lines, Penland, North Carolina, 1975. For more information on the artist visit:  http://bpac.co/a:827

Let's Check-In With Artists Pat Foran and Tricia Butski

Expect the unexpected when we check-in with artists Pat Foran and Tricia Butski.For more information on Pat Foran visit: http://bpac.co/a:3099. For more information on Tricia Butski visit: http://bpac.co/a:2795.

Artist Interview: Kyle Butler

Watch Kyle Butler talk about his work, Poised on all edges, 2012. Butler is an artist who works in painting, video and audio and lives in Buffalo, New York. For more info on the artist visit: http://bpac.co/a:1293

Let's Check-In With The Wajeds: Artists Eman, Alexa, Edreys and Emeka 

Creativity is a family affair within the Wajed household. The spirited foursome chime in for this HIGHLY viewed social media series that explores balancing life working from home. Learn about their passion and what it means to pay 'condolences to vanity'. For more information on Edreys Wajed visit: http://bpac.co/a:3097. Learn more about Eat Off Art here: https://www.eatoffart.com/

Watch Monica Angle Talk About Her Work, River Crossing V, 2012

Watch Monica Angle talk about her work, River Crossing V, 2012. Angle is a painter, printmaker, bookmaker, and collage artist living and working in Buffalo, New York. For more info on the artist visit: http://bpac.co/a:1200.

Let’s Check-In with Artist Dennis Maher

A quirky, fun expedition through his inspiring, wondrous environments. What happens when you just let the house talk? What does it say? For more information on Dennis, go to: http://bpac.co/a:1163.

 Watch Jim Pappas Talk About Innerspace Continuum #7, 2003

Watch Jim Pappas talk about Innerspace Continuum #7, 2003. A Syracuse, NY native, Pappas is highly regarded for his legacy of employing the arts, education and community engagement as instruments of social change. for more info on the artist visit: http://bpac.co/n:4021




For Families

Sketch Break!

Every other Tuesday, at 12:30 pm, join us on Facebook Live for a live 15-minute sketch prompt and demonstration with members of our Education Team. Whether you're at work or at school, take a break with Burchfield Penney's Sketch Break!

Thank you to our sponsor Hyatt's All Things Creative for their support.

At-Home Art Activities

Create masterpieces based on objects and artworks in our collection! Each activity is based on a work in the permanent collection or a lesson plan. Share your creations with us on Facebook or Instagram using the #burchfieldconnects or @bpartcenter.

Intro to Watercolor Illustration Classes

In search of watercolor painting classes for beginners? Join Art Center Educator, Michaela Worosz, in her creative and relaxing beginner watercolor painting lessonShare your painting with us by tagging @burchfieldpenneyartcenter or using the hashtag #burchfieldconnects


Intro to Watercolor Class Video

Fall Watercolor Class

Winter Watercolor Class

Littered Landscape Lessons (Part 1 and Part 2)

PDF Templates:


Coloring Pages

Download and print these Burchfield coloring book pages! Share your coloring pages by tagging @burchfieldpenneyartcenter or using the hashtag #burchfieldconnects


Look, Think, Find

How closely do you look at art? Here are five questions about artworks in our collection. LOOK at the painting carefully, THINK about the questions, FIND the answers in the painting. Share your answers with us by tagging @burchfieldpenneyartcenter or using the hashtag #burchfieldconnects


Sketch Together!

Get lost in your creativity with Sketch Together, thoughtful and inspiring art posts to help you carve out moments of self-expression. Burchfield Penney shows you that drawing does not have to be scary – it can be done with any materials, in any color, in any style, and can be done anywhere. Share your sketch with us by tagging @burchfieldpenneyartcenter or using the hashtag #burchfieldconnects


Virtual Community Programs

Emerging out of the museum’s temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual Community Programs are a slate of virtual programming where artists, families, and community members come together to create their own home museums tours, collaborate with other artists, and interact with our community to share common interests and ideas. These videos are published across Burchfield Penney’s website and social media platforms.


Home Museum Tours

Join these families as they guide you through their special Home Museum Tour.

Want to Create Your Own Home Museum Tour? 

Our Education Team invites you to create your own Home Museum Virtual Tour! Can you make a sign and do a 3-minute video with your family walking up to an artwork in your home talking about it? 

Video: Needs to be short, no longer than three minutes, but you can send several short videos. The presentation will be posted on Burchfield Penney's social media. Ask open-ended questions:

  • What do you see?
  • What surprises you in this painting?
  • If you could step into this artwork what would you smell? Feel? Touch?  Would you run or lay down? Jump or climb?
  • What do you think the artist was looking at when they made this?
  • If it’s your own daughter/son artwork, ask “tell me a story about your sculpture or painting, or drawing…”
After your video tour is completed, upload your completed video here.
If you have any questions please email our Art Center Educator at woroszmj@buffalostate.edu 

One Art Many Voices

One Art: Many Voices brings together the voices of six different perspectives around one artwork.
If you'd like to participate in this program, please email our Community Engagement Associate at

Looking Out My Window: Poetry Reading

Looking Out My Window is a project inspired partly by the global “What Do You See from Your Window” posts, and partly by the reality that most of us spent more time looking out our windows since mid-March than we otherwise would. I’ve worked these past months on a series of daily Social Isolation poems, exploring what social isolation might mean, literally and figuratively, on either side of my window. Each poet has tagged another poet or two to share their own responses to Looking Out My Window.
If you'd like to participate in this program, please email our Community Engagement Associate at

For Educators

Art Inquiry Guides

The Burchfield Penney Art Center now has free lesson plans for students and teachers. The following art inquiry guide is based on works from BPAC's permanent collection. BPAC is committed to offering educators resources that introduce students to art and support classroom benchmarks, particularly in the visual arts and English Language Arts. Use this resource in your online classroom or as standalone lessons. 

More art inquiry guides coming soon!

Take a Look (Talks)

Take A LooK (TALK) are short videos created for Art Teachers that promote looking at a selected artwork in The Center’s collection. Students will observe an artwork, create a sketch, and use critical thinking skills throughout the video.


A Conversation with Art

A Conversation with Art are videos that connect several diverse artworks in the Burchfield Penney Art Center collection with a common theme. The videos promote close observation and critical thinking skills.

Artists for Educators

The Burchfield Penney Art Center is supporting high school art teachers with a new video project. Artists are asked to create a short 4-5-minute video of themselves talking about who they are, the process of being an artist, and their own work. 


If you'd like to participate in this program, please email our Community Engagement Associate at
More Artists for Educators videos coming soon!


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