The Center is open welcoming visitors with a season of seven new exhibitions. Museum hours have been adjusted to allow ample time to sanitize after hours. Weekend hours are Friday - Sunday, 11 AM - 4 PM (general public); early entry hours, 10 AM -11 AM, reserved for those at increased risk, including seniors, as well as members and first responders. Due to capacity, we are not requiring timed ticketing.


At this time, the museum will not host group gatherings or in-person programming but will continue to provide online opportunities through Burchfield Connects, which include digital home-education projects, conversations about our exhibitions and collections, artist interviews, and more. Look for new posts each Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday with activities for the whole family. The Burchfield Café and the Museum Store will be open during hours of operation.



To express appreciation for the frontline heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Burchfield Penney is offering free, six-month memberships to all healthcare workers. The offer is now available and valid through the end of the year. To activate the free membership, healthcare workers can enroll at our Visitors Services desk with a valid work ID during regular hours of operation. For more information, email Shawn Schlifke at schlifst@buffalostate.edu.

Burchfield Connects: LIVE October

Join us for October Burchfield Connects: LIVE on Friday October 30th!

Please join us for our next Burchfield Connects: LIVE digital event. You'll be able to stream event from wherever you are! This month we'll be featuring paranormal and supernatural author Mason Winfield. The presentation will be streaming directly from the Burchfield Penney Art Center Facebook page. This program is supported in part by the Cullen Foundation.
Friday, October 30, 2020, 6:30–7:30 pm
Author Mason Winfield will be presenting on his book "The Rose Witch" highlighting the paranormal and supernatural history of Western New York at 6:30pm.
Author, researcher, storyteller, and supernatural historian Mason Winfield studied English and Classics at Denison University, earned a master’s degree in British literature at Boston College, and studied poetry and fiction at SUNY Buffalo with professor emeritus and MacArthur grant recipient Irving Feldman. During the thirteen years he taught at The Gow School (South Wales, N.Y.) he chaired the English department, won a 50K crosscountry ski marathon, and was ranked among the Buffalo, N.Y., area’s top ten tennis players. A journalist, Mason writes on a range of subjects (including the War of 1812 and Celtic and Native American folklore). He is the author or editor of thirteen books, including the upstate sensation Shadows of the Western Door (1997) and Iroquois Supernatural (2011), on the traditions of the Six Longhouse Nations (Inner Traditions International/Bear & Company). Mason’s short story “The Hunters” won the JobsinHell Feoamante.com contest for horror fiction (2000) and gained honorable mention in the year’s Best Fantasy & Horror. His twelfth book, the supernatural novel The Whistlers: A Paranormal Intrigue was published in March 2017. Its sequel The Lord of the Dawn is due in 2019. Mason has lectured at venues including the Lily Dale Assembly in Cassadaga, N.Y., the New England Antiquities Research Association, the Roycroft Campus Corporation in East Aurora, N. Y., and the Larkin Square Author Series in Buffalo, N.Y. His talks have been sponsored by Poets & Writers, “The Big Read,” New York Council for the Humanities, National Endowment for the Arts, and First Night Saratoga. Mason has been a spoken word artist/storyteller at events including City of Night 2014/2015 (Buffalo); Rochester (N.Y.) Fringe Festival 2014-2017; and Piccolo Spoletto (Charleston, S.C.), 2015/2016. Mason also teaches a course on the paranormal at Genesee Community College in Batavia, N. Y. A veteran of countless TV and radio appearances, Mason designed and hosted The Phantom Tour (2003), a two-hour TV program/DVD on haunted history in upstate New York. He has appeared and supplied commentary for programs on several of the major networks and stars in a 2006 episode of the Travel Channel program Legend Hunters. Most recently he appears in a 2018 episode of Travel Channel program Mysteries at the Museum. Mason’s company Haunted History Ghost Walks, Inc., designs tours and events with supernatural themes. Cultural, historic, and architectural preservation are vital issues to Mason, and HHGW supports those causes through fund-raising partnerships with organizations such as Lewiston Council on the Arts, the Allentown Association, The Landmark Society of Western New York, Saratoga Arts Council, Ontario County Historical Society, Wayne County History Museum, and Friends of Knox Farm

Featured Video

Featured Artwork

Check out the video links listed below, and stay in touch on Facebook and Instagram for the latest releases.

Programs at the Center


Contemporary Environmental Art & Poetics

40 Years of Poetry: Ansie Baird

Buffalo Chamber Players: Stay a While, Stay Forever

LIVE poetry reading featuring Meghann Boltz and Rachel Robles Saeger


Connecting With Artists

Artist Interview: Ron Ehmke 

Watch Ron Ehmke talk about being a performance artist. To learn more about him click here

Let's Check-In With Bethany Krull

The Burchfield Penney is reaching out to local artists to explore how they're balancing life working at home. For more information on Bethany Krull visit: http://bpac.co/a:531

Artist Interview: Patricia Carter

Watch Patricia Carter talk about her painting  First Prize #2. To learn more about the artist visit: http://bpac.co/a:171

Let's Check-In with A.J. Fries and Karen Eckert 

Need a laugh? A.J. Fries and Karen Eckert chime in. For more information on A.J. Fries visit: http://bpac.co/a:320.

Artist Interview: Alberto Rey

Watch Alberto Rey Talk About His Painting, Appropriated Memories: Viñales, Cuba, 1996-97. For more info on the artist visit: http://bpac.co/a:868

Artist Interview: John Pfahl

Watch John Pfahl talk about his work Shed with Blue Dotted Lines, Penland, North Carolina, 1975. For more information on the artist visit:  http://bpac.co/a:827

Let's Check-In With Artists Pat Foran and Tricia Butski

Expect the unexpected when we check-in with artists Pat Foran and Tricia Butski.For more information on Pat Foran visit: http://bpac.co/a:3099. For more information on Tricia Butski visit: http://bpac.co/a:2795.

Artist Interview: Kyle Butler

Watch Kyle Butler talk about his work, Poised on all edges, 2012. Butler is an artist who works in painting, video and audio and lives in Buffalo, New York. For more info on the artist visit: http://bpac.co/a:1293

Let's Check-In With The Wajeds: Artists Eman, Alexa, Edreys and Emeka 

Creativity is a family affair within the Wajed household. The spirited foursome chime in for this HIGHLY viewed social media series that explores balancing life working from home. Learn about their passion and what it means to pay 'condolences to vanity'. For more information on Edreys Wajed visit: http://bpac.co/a:3097. Learn more about Eat Off Art here: https://www.eatoffart.com/

Watch Monica Angle Talk About Her Work, River Crossing V, 2012

Watch Monica Angle talk about her work, River Crossing V, 2012. Angle is a painter, printmaker, bookmaker, and collage artist living and working in Buffalo, New York. For more info on the artist visit: http://bpac.co/a:1200.

Let’s Check-In with Artist Dennis Maher

A quirky, fun expedition through his inspiring, wondrous environments. What happens when you just let the house talk? What does it say? For more information on Dennis, go to: http://bpac.co/a:1163.

 Watch Jim Pappas Talk About Innerspace Continuum #7, 2003

Watch Jim Pappas talk about Innerspace Continuum #7, 2003. A Syracuse, NY native, Pappas is highly regarded for his legacy of employing the arts, education and community engagement as instruments of social change. for more info on the artist visit: http://bpac.co/n:4021



At-Home Activities

Art Projects for Kids and Families

Create masterpieces based on objects and artworks in our collection! Each activity is based on a work in the permanent collection or a lesson plan. Share your creations with us on Facebook or Instagram using the #burchfieldconnects or @bpartcenter.

Intro to Watercolor Illustration Class

In search of a watercolor painting class for beginners? Join Art Center Educator, Michaela Worosz, in her creative and relaxing beginner watercolor painting lessonShare your painting with us by tagging @burchfieldpenneyartcenter or using the hashtag #burchfieldconnects


Watercolor Class Video

PDF Templates:


Coloring Pages

Download and print these Burchfield coloring book pages! Share your coloring pages by tagging @burchfieldpenneyartcenter or using the hashtag #burchfieldconnects


Look, Think, Find

How closely do you look at art? Here are five questions about artworks in our collection. LOOK at the painting carefully, THINK about the questions, FIND the answers in the painting. Share your answers with us by tagging @burchfieldpenneyartcenter or using the hashtag #burchfieldconnects


Sketch Together!

Get lost in your creativity with Sketch Together, thoughtful and inspiring art posts to help you carve out moments of self-expression. Burchfield Penney shows you that drawing does not have to be scary – it can be done with any materials, in any color, in any style, and can be done anywhere. Share your sketch with us by tagging @burchfieldpenneyartcenter or using the hashtag #burchfieldconnects

More education activities coming soon!

Virtual Community Programs

Emerging out of the museum’s temporary closure due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Virtual Community Programs are a slate of virtual programming where artists, families, and community members come together to create their own home museums tours, collaborate with other artists, and interact with our community to share common interests and ideas. These videos are published across Burchfield Penney’s website and social media platforms.


Home Museum Tours

Join these families as they guide you through their special Home Museum Tour.

Want to Create Your Own Home Museum Tour? 

Our Education Team invites you to create your own Home Museum Virtual Tour! Can you make a sign and do a 3-minute video with your family walking up to an artwork in your home talking about it? 

Video: Needs to be short, no longer than three minutes, but you can send several short videos. The presentation will be posted on Burchfield Penney's social media. Ask open-ended questions:

  • What do you see?
  • What surprises you in this painting?
  • If you could step into this artwork what would you smell? Feel? Touch?  Would you run or lay down? Jump or climb?
  • What do you think the artist was looking at when they made this?
  • If it’s your own daughter/son artwork, ask “tell me a story about your sculpture or painting, or drawing…”
After your video tour is completed, upload your completed video here.
If you have any questions please email our Art Center Educator at woroszmj@buffalostate.edu 

One Art Many Voices

One Art: Many Voices brings together the voices of six different perspectives around one artwork.
If you'd like to participate in this program, please email our Community Engagement Associate at

Looking Out My Window: Poetry Reading

Looking Out My Window is a project inspired partly by the global “What Do You See from Your Window” posts, and partly by the reality that most of us spent more time looking out our windows since mid-March than we otherwise would. I’ve worked these past months on a series of daily Social Isolation poems, exploring what social isolation might mean, literally and figuratively, on either side of my window. Each poet has tagged another poet or two to share their own responses to Looking Out My Window.
If you'd like to participate in this program, please email our Community Engagement Associate at

Educator Resources

Art Inquiry Guides

The Burchfield Penney Art Center now has free lesson plans for students and teachers. The following art inquiry guide is based on works from BPAC's permanent collection. BPAC is committed to offering educators resources that introduce students to art and support classroom benchmarks, particularly in the visual arts and English Language Arts. Use this resource in your online classroom or as standalone lessons. 

More art inquiry guides coming soon!

Take a Look (Talks)

Take A LooK (TALK) are short videos created for Art Teachers that promotes looking at an artwork in The Center’s collection. Students will observe an artwork, create a sketch, and use critical thinking skills throughout the video.


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