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    To view the art in the Silent Auction, click here.




    Cynthia Ciminelli & Frank L. Ciminelli II
    Brigid Doherty & Rene Jones

    Deborah Abgott
    Traci Ackerman
    Lauren Baynes
    Jim Brandys
    Jackie Culliton
    Carolyn K. Darby
    Nicole Gavigan
    Denis Guerin
    Shine Hassanali
    Alison Keane
    Steve Lakomy, MD
    Cheryl Lyles
    Linda Maggio
    Mark Notarius
    Gina O’Neill
    Jodi Johnston Quatroche
    Paula Joy Reinhold
    Holly Rupp
    Stacey Siegel
    Lisa Zhang

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    To view the art in the Silent Auction, click here.



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