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    Save the date for the 2015 Art Auction and Gala! September 19, 2015 at the Burchfiield Penney!

    The 2015Art Auction & Gala Committee:

    Margaret Candino (Co-Chair)
    Jessica Brason (Co-Chair)

    Traci Ackerman
    Jim Brandys
    Ann Brown
    Audre Bunis
    Jerry Burgin
    Janeen Calendar
    Cynthia Ciminelli
    Jackie Culliton
    Brigid Doherty
    Ann Hutchinson
    Dawn Jay
    David Kimelberg
    Linda Magavern
    Svetla Moreland
    Mark Notarius
    Gina O’Neill
    Paula Joy Reinhold
    Gina Roblin
    Kimberly Sebastian
    Zachary Schneider
    Dianne Sippel
    Cynthia Baird Stark
    Peter Vukelic

    Please contact Carolyn Morris-Hunt at 716-878-5565 or email for reservations or sponsorship opportunities.


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