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8mm News Collective

8mm News Collective was an activist media collective founded in 1990, with a mission to question and critique regional broadcast news television programs. Tactics employed by the collective included: disrupting and questioning news gathering and reporting methods and means of production; giving the public an opportunity and platform with which to “speak back;” and offering alternative voices to the broadcast environment. The collective was named after one of the amateur video formats that were newly available at that time, 8mm, reinforcing the idea of "the amateur" as a critical cultural position. The group included a number of members from the WNY media community, some of whom were active in kindred collectives and coalitions, including (but not limited to): Bruce Adams, Heather Connor, Tony Conrad, Cyndi Cox, Garland Godinho, Andy Goldstein, Jim Hartel, Armin Heurich, Chris Hill, Serena Howeth, Cheryl Jackson, Meg Knowles, Wago Kreider, Jody Lafond, Lisa Laske, Barbara Lattanzi, Lou Mang, Melissa Scott, Brian Springer, Cathy Steffan, Maria Venuto, Richard Wicka, and Julie Zando