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Buffalo Contact Improv Jam/Performance Group

Nancy Hughes, originally from Texas, lives in Buffalo, NY as a teacher, dance-maker and performer. Nancy’s dance work is often creating through collaborations with other artists. This has been seen at the Burchfield-Penney Art Center, Elmwood Festival of the Arts, and City of Night. She teaches improv and modern based dance classes and co-facilitates a regular contact improv jam in Buffalo. Nancy has taught and performed her work in such places as Portland Oregon, Colorado Springs and Paris, France. Companies for which she has performed include Suchu Dance, AlienNation, and Anne Burnidge Dance. Nancy is influenced by the work of Nancy Stark Smith and the Underscore, and last year she performed the Underscore in Glimpse 2 at the 92nd Y in NYC. Her work has received grants from Northampton Arts Council, Mollye and Kelly Maxner as well as NYSDanceForce. She gained her certification in Pilates from Motion Studies and a BA in dance from Texas Woman’s University and performs as a freelance dancer for companies such as Nimbus Dance and Anne Burnidge Dance.

Henry James is a dreamer, a creator, a mover and a shaker. He has done the impossible and wants to do it again, but with more people to join in the ecstasy. When asked where he sees himself in five years his answer is always the same: "Challenging and being challenged, learning, growing, reflecting, becoming a better person and helping others do the same." Henry believes that–despite the tremendous beauty—there is too much fear and isolation in this world and he is doing what he can to manifest the better world we all secretly believe is possible.