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Charles N. Houseman

Charles N. Houseman

(b. 1950)

"Charles Houseman was born in Niagara Falls, NY, in 1950 and graduated from North Tonawanda High School in 1968. He received his B.S. in Art Education from Buffalo State in 1973, and his Master’s Degree in 1978. He currently lives in Hamburg, teaching classes in design, ceramics, photography and architecture at Springville Griffith Institute.

Houseman has used long-held interests in music and American history to give a direction to his work. Although his work now echoes the nineteenth century American landscape paintings traditionally viewed as the Hudson River School and later Luminists, his influences draw from the work of Rauschenberg, Johns, John Cage and Merce Cunningham. While at college he studied with Joseph Piccillo. Through the years, his work has sublimated these influences, blending them into layers of sensibilities. With his wife Peg (a spinner and weaver), he travels to historic sites and villages, incorporating scenes visited by artists over the years, into his paintings.

A perpetual student, Houseman continues to work on technique, modifying his brushwork, working with lighting and atmosphere, and composition. He continues to set challenges, both stylistically and philosophically. As an instructor, he strives to recognize students who do the same, challenging students to learn new skills and increase confidence." (1)

Charles Houseman teaches art at the Springville-Griffith Institute high school, but throughout his career he has also worked in industrial, architectural, and retail design. Houseman's commitment to western New York has been a motivating force in his careers. "Throughout my career I have worked in a number of positions in order to stay in this area. We have had opportunities to relocate but the ties of families and the great WNY area have kept us in this area. We have seen our children do the same, and are very grateful that our family has managed to stay close to this region" (Houseman).

Houseman is represented by Meibohm Fine Arts in East Aurora, NY, and Oxford Gallery in Rochester, NY. Houseman was included in the exhibition "New York Collects Buffalo State College," and his piece Chautauqua for Peter is in the Burchfield Penney Art Center's permanent collection.




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