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Dolores Ann Stievater

Dolores Ann Stievater

(b. 1942)

Ann Stievater is an oil painter who focuses on still-life and landscape works in the tradition of classical realism. She has a BA in education from Marygrove College (1964) and an MA from SUNY Buffalo (1993).

In an artist’s statement, Stievater writes, “I paint the skies, waterways, and landscapes of my native Western New York region but I do not intend for my paintings to be factual representations of these areas. By manipulating images into patterns and movement, by organizing my palette, and by softening edges I hope the viewer will experience an inner depth and meaning in the natural world I present in my paintings. I ask the viewer to think about universal emotional qualities in my landscapes such as hope, fear, depression, and joy. Mood and expression are my goal.

“Light is the essence of my paintings. My goal is not to record reflected light but to show light as an essential spiritual element in our lives. Light is day, it is warm, it is life. Light is color, form, shadow, and reflection. As the viewer reflects on what the lights and darks may mean in my work, I hope my expressive landscapes are open-ended enough to invite the viewer to relate these works to their own experiences and understandings." [1]

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[1] Ann Stievater, undated artist's statement.