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Emily Bellinger

Emily Bellinger

Emily Bellinger is a quilter and textile artist.  She earned a BFA from Alfred University and an MFA from Rochester Institute of Technology.  She is an instructor at RIT.  [1]

Bellinger creates contemporary quilted fiber pieces utilizing a variety of hand-printed fabric and found fabric materials.  Conceiving of her quilts as fabric paintings and compositions, Bellinger uses muted colors and repetitive linear marks as a method of abstract storytelling.  Her works represent her past memories and the emotions associated with past relationships.  The intuitively pieced together fabric is a metaphor for the connections of her memories and her past.  When sewn together, the individual pieces of cloth represent segments of life combined into a non-linear timeline. [2]

About her work, Bellinger says, “Process and materials are integral components of my work.  Quilting provides me with a medium that is tactile, easily manipulated, and rich with personal memory.” [3]

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