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Gaitrie Devi

Gaitrie Devi

"Gaitrie was born in Guyana, South America and was raised in the Bronx, NYC. A graduate from the University of Buffalo, she spent 8 years of her life between NYC and Buffalo as a student, dancer & choreographer, she finally settled down and made her mark in 2012 in Buffalo.

While in New York City Gaitrie trained under Founder and Artistic Director Pooja Narang of Bollywood Axion, New York City’s first reputable Bollywood dance school. Pooja recognized Gaitrie’s talent early on and she became part of the performance troupe. There she took part in countless events, recitals, fundraisers and shows, including dancing at the Crossroads in Time Square, Bollywood Hero Flash Mob and South Street Seaport Holi.

In 2009, Gaitrie joined The Sa Dance Company, under the artistic vision and ClassPass CEO, Payal Kadakia. Having previously danced together, both Gaitrie & Payal had similar visions to bring Indian dance to the mainstream and become a role model to others who have a zest and passion for the arts. With Payal’s unique style and her vision to showcase the art of Indian dance, Gaitrie developed the necessary skills she needed to become a better performer. The Sa Dance Company showcased a three day company premiere at the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater in 2010, one of their largest sold out performances, along with many other performances including a special performance for Indian Film Director Mira Nair.

Gaitrie continues to study all forms of dance including Contemporary & Modern dance as well as Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance). In addition, she also has a passion for Yoga and incorporates her practice into her repertoire.

“Being a student and always learning helps me grow to become a well-rounded individual in both the arts and in my life” –Gaitrie" [1]





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