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Jackie Pancari

Jackie Pancari

Jackie Pancari, a glass artist from Alfred, NY, earned her MFA in Glass/Sculpture from the Alfred University School of Art and Design in 1996. She received her BFA in Glass/Sculpture from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. She has exhibited her work across the US at galleries and museums, such as the Morgan Contemporary Glass Gallery, Corning Museum of Glass, Museum of American Glass, and Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft. She was an Artist in Residence at the Corning Museum of Glass and at Seto City Art Museum in Japan. Pancari was also a 2013 inductee in Rochester Institute of Technology’s Innovation Hall of Fame. Previously, she was an Artist in Residence and Visiting Artist at RIT. [1]

Pancari was featured in Art in Craft Media 2015 at the Burchfield Penney Art Center, as well as Craft Art Western New York 2004 when she won the Sylvia Rosen Endowment Purchase Award.

Pancari is a glass artist pioneering techniques that explore optics and expressive capabilities of glass. She merges glass, science, nature, and the human experience to create her works. [2] She loves discovering the ways glass and light interact. Inspired by the properties of glass and its ability to assume an infinite number of forms, she creates "shapes that exude a quiet beauty, simplicity and sensuality."  [3] According to Pancari, her “work represents a series of discoveries made while working with the properties of glass and light. Glass speaks clearly about light. It seems so simple yet its ability to assume an infinite number of forms and to evoke just as many feelings, render it complex.” [4]

Speaking about her work featured in Art in Craft Media 2017, Pancari explains, “This playful investigative work is inspired by 'Ah Ha' moments and discoveries while focusing on light, optics, and reflections. I’m most interested in the moment between confusion and understanding what one is looking at. Curiosity, beauty, questioning, science, internal focus and the quiet confusion one has while studying the pieces are what drive the decision-making in creating each piece. The viewer is meant to walk around, hover over, and engage the piece, so that they are in control of what they are seeing. The work then becomes very kinetic.” [5]

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