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James K. Y. Kuo

James K. Y. Kuo

American, born in China
Born: Suzhou, China

James K.Y. Kuo (1920-1995) was a noted abstract-expressionist artist, painter, ceramicist/sculptor, jewelry maker, lecturer and respected teacher primarily known for his paintings in; acrylic, acrylic collage, gouache collage, watercolor and applied copper or silver on mediums such as; brass, textured nickel & wood. Early on, Kuo was influenced by Shih-t'ao and Chu Ta, the "Individualists" who became monks in 17th Century China as well as by the American abstract expressionists. His bold brush strokes of flat muted colors could be very abstract but never far from the natural world.

With encouragement from his father, Kuo studied traditional Chinese painting at the Suzhou Art Institute in Suzhou, China, and also at the Anqing School of Art, Anqing, China. A direct inheritor of ink painting traditions, he left the political upheavals of China and emigrated to the US in 1947 and received his Masters in painting at the University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, in 1949. In the same year, he began teaching at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, WI, and taught there from 1949-1952. He later taught at Rosary Hill College (now Daemen College), as Professor Emeritus, Amherst, NY, from 1955-1992.

Over the course of his long career he won several prizes and had many successful solo and group exhibitions at places such as; Wang Ling Art Gallery, Anqing, China; the Fu Hang Art Center, Suzhou, China; the China Institute, NYC; the Burchfield-Penney Art Center, Buffalo, NY; the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY; Daemen College, Amherst, NY; Chautauqua National Exhibition of American Art & Chautauqua Institute, Chautauqua, NY; Gallery Without Walls, Buffalo, NY; and the More-Rubin Gallery, Buffalo, NY, among others. His work can be found in many museums and also many public & private collections around the world.

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