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Kobie Barber

Kobie Barber

"I would like to pose a question..."What is Black Art?". I am black and an artist, so do I produce Black Art? Is art considered Black Art because of the subject matter is Urban or Ethnic, or has some black theme? Is it art that stirs the soul, rebel rousing or maybe depicts images crying for freedom? Or would black art be that which has strong depictions of African/Pan African objects, animals, or masks...bright colors wrapped around dark skin.

Would my paintings of Whales be Black Art because of the artist or because whales swim in African waters? What if I painted only landscapes of European country sides, with only white subjects? Would you call it Black Art?...or something by a confused black man?" -Kobie Barber


"I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York; Art has a strong presence in my family. My mother is talented at drawing as well as crafts- making blankets, scarves and towels among other crafty items. She is loath to admit it, but she was also a wizard with charcoal. My father can draw as well, but his passion lies in photography and videography. Their house is full of photos, portraits and comfy blankets that bear testament to this.

 I began creating my own style of art at an early age; my mother says that I have changed my artistic style at least 8 times over the years. I was never concerned with conformity, for me doing the same thing a hundred times is like eating the same food every meal. I started off with the simplest tools: Lined notebook paper, number two pencils and ballpoint pens. I moved on to color pencils and markers before playing with acrylics, oils, spray paints and even clay. I am currently using oil based paints in most of my work; they give off a color and depth that I like most. I’ve also begun mixing media, oils and spray paint, the two paints play off each other is strange ways, allowing me to make some new visual effects." -Kobie Barber

Kobie Barber's artwork has been shown at: The Langston Hughes Institute,  Avenue Art And Frame,  Amy's Place,  Buffalo Science Museum,  The Arts Council of Buffalo,  El Mueso,  The Bowie/Mitchellville Diamond foundation Fund (Washington, D.C.),  The Kai Damali Gallery,  Gallery 51,   Sugar City,  B-west Studio,  The Regional Minority Purchases Counsel inc.,  Infringement Festival 2008/ 2011.