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Linda K. Collignon

Linda K. Collignon

b. 1957
Born: U.S.

Linda Kissel Collignon is a fiber artist with a studio in North Tonawanda, New York. She studied Communications Design at the University at Buffalo and Textile & Surface Design at Buffalo State College. Her work has been featured in group exhibitions throughout the WNY region, including the 2011 and 2013 Art in Craft Media shows at the Burchfield Penney, a juried exhibition at Art Dialogue in Buffalo (2012), Fiber Faire at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester (2011), and Nancy Belfer: A Circle of Influence at Indigo Gallery in Buffalo (2011).

Collignon explores the multi-step process of creation in her sculptural works, which she expresses further in her artist statement:

"As our lives become more and more hurried, I become more and more interested in those things that take time. My sculpurtal works are to be included in that category. Where I used to create pieces in which all of the design elements were part of the initial process, I now create those pieces and then deconstruct, reconstruct, weave, stitch and further manipulate. Each sculpture is the now the result of combining several pieces, and many textures. I have also begun to manipulate the handmade paper that I make by spinning or "felting" that as well, sometimes even taking it further by knitting or weaving the spun paper.

 It is the tricky business of bringing many things together to create one - another aspect of our busy lives?" [1]

[1] Linda Collignon Artist Statement, Burchfield Penney Artist File.