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Mahlon Huston

Mahlon Huston

b. 1985
Born: Bryan, OH

Mahlon Huston received his Masters of Fine Arts from Alfred University in the spring of 2011. Upon completing graduate school, Huston turned his focus toward furniture design.

In 2011, he founded Mahlon Huston Projects, an independent wood design studio in Hornell, NY. The objective in the shop is a simple one: to produce outstanding designs that are crafted to last generations. Huston chooses to produce pieces of furniture by which people want to be surrounded in order to buttress each individual’s sense of self. His objective is to design and make well engineered and highly crafted furniture that is poised and unencumbered. His designs are simultaneously serious, fun, reserved, and playful. [1]

Huston explains the influence behind the company's design practices in his artist statement:

"Mahlon’s design practice is based on the formal characteristics found in the Precisionist and Mid-Century Modern movements. It is through his interpretation of these inspired forms that Mahlon is able to convey his own style of contemporary design. The production methodology at MHP involves traditional woodworking methods coupled with computer-aided drafting. Through the blending of these tools, Mahlon is able to produce hand-built pieces that align with the company’s mission." [2]

Huston has completed several comissions, most notably with the Kallman, McKinnell and Wood architecture firm of Boston, MA in 2014. [3] He has also exhibited nationally. Works from his collection Streets, the pieces named for various streets in Huston's rural Western New York neighborhood, were included in the 2017 Art in Craft Media exhibition at the Burchfield Penney.

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