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Rachel Shelton

Rachel Shelton

b. 1988
Born: Buffalo, NY

Rachel Shelton is a multidisciplinary fine artist and printmaker, born and based in Buffalo, NY. She received her BFA in Printmaking from the Cleveland Institute of Art, and her MFA in Studio Art from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Shelton has exhibited at numerous institutions throughout Buffalo and Ohio. Most recently she exhibited at a group show at El Museo (Buffalo) and the Nichols School Art Gallery (Buffalo). [1] Shelton is also a co-founder of Mirabo Press, a printmaking studio that collaborates with regional and national artists, and also offers various workshops and community programming. [2]

Shelton’s work is centered on the continuous processing of information to shape her world view, rather than the conclusions that are ultimately being drawn. Her research in Archaeology, Anthropology, Social Science and Environmental Science have informed her work and her effort to understand the process of evolution and its relationship with human populations. She elaborates in her artist statement:

My practice has become largely about the process of building a world view. It is not only a means through which to personally consider information, but to display that progression. Each of us does it - why shouldn’t that be the topic of the work rather than whatever individual conclusion we come to? My more recent works have been a chronology of research as process as final product, implementing and undulating between micro and macro viewpoints via formal elements, text, material choice, and some level of in-the-moment, uninhibited action. [3]

More information on Shelton and her work is available on her website


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